Tyres advice for motorists heading to France

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Anyone planning a motoring holiday to France might be interested in what the Sunday Times motoring experts had to say about tyres in the popular InGear supplement last weekend.

Last weekend CT from Cardiff posed this question to the Car Clinic panel: “When I go to France to save space can I replace the spare wheel with a tyre sealant kit or a space saver wheel from another car?”

This is what the panel had to say in reply: “In France there is no legal reqquirment for a spare wheel, so this is a question of bravery. On average you’ll get a puncture every 38,000 miles, according to Holts, a car prodcucts seller. You are gambling, but if you get a puncture it will be small enough for a cannister of liquid tyre sealant to be effective or will happen close enough to civilisation that you are not left stranded. Holts Tyreweld is popular at about £7 a can and has been approved by the National Tyre Distributors Association. The ContiComfortKit includes sealant, a 12 volt air compressor/gauge and a built in light for about £60.

“Space saver wheels divide opinion as seen on our letters page today and in recent weeks. Not all cars can be fited with them and using the wrong one could be unsafe or invalidate your insurance.

“Whether or not you take a space saver you may as well carry a can of sealant. Both sealant and space saver will limit your speed and range to about 50mph and 50 to 100 miles, which may be ample in Britain, but not in France where towns are further apart and garages do not generally open on Sundays. Indeed many close during July and August for a holiday. Do you feel lucky?”

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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