Tyre-wrecking speed bumps give Honest John the hump!

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Speed bumps really give the Telegraph’s motoring agony aunt Honest John the hump – and he is not alone. The ‘sleeping policemen’, as they are also known, are installed on roads to reduce motorists speed, however, their use is extremely controversial with many critics claiming they cause serious harm to our car tyres.

Last weekend AF, emailed the Telegraph Cars motoring expert to ask: “Can speed bumps wear out the inside of tyres if you straddle them?”

Honest John fired back: “That is exactly how speed cushions destroy the inner shoulders of car tyres. Always drive with one wheel over the centre of the cushion and one on the flat. You feel the bump, of course, but you don’t suffer hidden tyre damage that could cause a serious accident.”

In the past Honest John has written: “All types of road humps not only create potentially fatal damage to vehicles, they also cause tremors that damage the sub-structure of the roads from the continual pounding of vehicles over them (hence pot holes around road humps), and these tremors can also damage adjacent buildings. It’s time that crooked council officials who gave the job of installing these damaging obstructions to favoured contractors were held accountable.”

If you suffer damage to your tyre after driving over a speed bump, etyres recommend you get it repaired or replace the tyre as soon as possible to prevent further harm bing inflicted on the wheel.

etyres offers a mobile puncture repair service, which costs just £25 including VAT, and saves you the expense of buying a brand new tyre.

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