Tyre safety month aims to put motorists under pressure

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UK motorists are being put under pressure this October to ensure that their tyres are properly inflated as tyre safety month gets into gear.

The annual campaign is organised by TyreSafe, the UK’s leading road safety group, and will be encouraging drivers to make monthly checks on their tyre pressures to ensure they remain safe on the road.

Correctly inflated tyres will also help to save motorists money, because they wear better and more evenly, which prolongs their life and makes them more fuel efficient.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, explained: “As the nights start to draw in and the weather deteriorates, it’s essential that drivers ensure that their tyres are safe and fit for the winter ahead.

“The most basic inspection which should be carried out at least once a month, is simply checking that your tyres are properly inflated.”

Despite how easy it is to carry out regular tyre pressure checks, it’s a task that many drivers simply neglect. A recent pan-European survey by one TyreSafe member involving more than 27,000 cars, found that 78 percent were being driven on under-inflated tyres. Even more alarming was the fact that more than a quarter of the sample (28.4 percent) had tyres that were either seriously or severely under-inflated, greatly reducing their safety on the road.

The impact of poor tyre maintenance was highlighted earlier this week in the latest road casualty statistics issued by the Department for Transport which revealed that in 2012, 194 drivers were killed or seriously injured in the UK as a result of an accident caused by an illegal, defective or under-inflated tyre.

Simon Sheldon Wilson, Highways Agency’s Director of Traffic Management, added: “England’s motorways and major A-roads are among the safest in the world. But it’s important that everyone plays their part in this by making sure their vehicle is roadworthy. Taking a few minutes to check your tyre pressures once a month – or before long journeys – helps to keep you, your passengers, other drivers and road workers safe.”

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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