Tyre Safety: Goodyear Dunlop Investigate Illegal Tyre Imports

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Unauthorised tyre imports are being targeted by Goodyear Dunlop.

With reports of a significant decline in sales for British tyre companies, pressure has been put on dealers to buy cheaper, and the temptation to resort to international suppliers has increased. However, the strict regulations concerning the official authorization of tyres intended for use in the U.K are being frequently overlooked in the process. These regulations are in place to ensure tyre safety… that tyres are suited for the specific road conditions in Britain. Tyres imported internationally run the risk of differing in design specifications and therefore pose a tyre safety risk to British drivers.

Goodyear Dunlop’s concern about tyre safety has led them to investigate the increasing problem of illegal tyre imports. A series of investigations due to take place within the next three months has begun with legal proceedings against a retail supplier in the South East of England, who has been dealing in unauthorised imports, illegal tyres, carrying the Goodyear Dunlop brand name.

This is the beginning of a campaign launched by Goodyear Dunlop, designed to reduce the tyre safety risks posed to U.K customers by using imported tyres that are not designed for British road conditions, and have not been subject to official approval. The offending tyres hail mainly from Asian and African markets and have been designed specifically for these environments, where the climate differs dramatically from conditions in the U.K.


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