Tyre Pressure Campaign

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Michelin will launch its latest “Fill up with Air” roadshow at the Folkestone Eurotunnel Terminal on the 1st July. Motorists passing through the tunnel will be offered a free tyre pressure check, and advice from Michelin technicians.

The event is the start of a nationwide campaign designed to impress upon motorists the importance of correct tyre pressures. A similar event last year revealed that 83 percent of vehicles were being driven with under-inflated tyres, and 63 percent were dangerously low.

Ensuring your tyres have the correct pressure is crucial. Tyres that are under-inflated by 15psi reduce the speed at which a car will aqua-plane by 10mph. Under-inflated tyres affect handling, and can cause a build up of heat that may damage the tyre’s structure. Driving on under-inflated tyres reduces the life expectancy of a set of tyres by as much as 20 percent.

There are also important environmental and financial implications to driving on under-inflated tyres. If tyres are not at the correct pressure, rolling resistance is increased, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption and a concomitant increase in CO2 emissions.

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