Tyre Phone

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By Andrew Williams,
Contributing Editor

There appears to be no end to the ingenuity of boffins looking to make use of our cast-offs. It now seems likely that your old tyres may end up as an integral part of your new phone.

Finnish mobile phone specialists Nokia have unveiled a new concept phone called ?Remade?. The phone is made entirely from recycled materials, including old tyres, aluminium cans and soft drink bottles. Nokia hope that the phone will demonstrate that mobile phones can be environmentally friendly, and that they can help to reduce landfill waste.

The phone?s keypad would be made from recycled tyre waste, and it would also utilise energy saving display-graphics and printed electronics. The phone is still at the concept stage and will not be commercially available in the foreseeable future. A Nokia spokesperson explained its significance; ?it is a concept that explores potential new ideas for the future, and is part of Nokia?s ongoing work looking at how it can help people make more sustainable choices.?

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