Turkish Grand Prix puts tyres under extreme pressure

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By Alex Kapadia

The Turkish Grand Prix is a popular event for Formula One drivers, however it has caused Bridgestone tyres problems in the past because tyre wear is so high.

Hirohide Hamashima, director of motorsport tyre development for the Japanese tyres manufacturer, said: “Istanbul Park has caused us problems in the past so it is a circuit where we pay particular attention to every aspect of our preparation.

“We have reviewed the tyre strength and durability of our tyres so far this season and we have seen no problems, even though the latest cars are both heavier and faster than previously.

“Turn Eight is the hardest corner we face during the course of the season, however this is not the only part of the track which is a challenge.

“The left-right-left of turns 12-14 are the lowest speed areas of the track and come straight after the highest-speed straight. This combination is a breeding ground for tyre graining, so competitors will have to pay particular attention here to minimise this, especially early in the race weekend when the circuit is dirtier and has less rubber on it.”

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