Toyo Awarded for Fuel Saving Tyres Technology

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Research into fuel saving technology for tyres has earned Toyo Tyre and Rubber a prestigious international award.

The technology developed by researchers from the Japanese tyres manufacturer and the Honda car company relates to reducing energy loss in relation to tyres.

Toyo explains that a tyres tread shrinks when it comes into contact with the ground, and the constant repeated contraction and expansion experience by the tread causes energy to be dissipated.

However, materials traditionally used to minimise this energy loss and improve fuel efficiency end up hindering braking power and those that optimise braking increase energy loss, according to Toyo.

The Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan bestowed the accolades on the two companies employees last week.

The joint project earned one Toyo employee, the OE tyre Development project manager, the Award for Technical Development, for his work carried out with Honda R&D, while four Honda researchers were also honoured.

Oliver Hall, Operations Team

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