Thieves Use Tyres-and-Flyers Tricks to Distract Their Victims

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Apparently we Brits lose a staggering £3.5 billion each year to scams, cons and tricks – here are a couple to be on your guard against.

You are driving along the motorway when a driver draws alongside you, pointing to one of your tyres and gesturing to you to pull over.

Naturally, you stop to check your tyres at the side of the road or on the hardshoulder and the other driver kindly pulls over to help.

While you inspect the tyre, he lifts all your valuables from the front seat.

A new version on this is when you return to your parked car and get in, only to see a flier stuck under the rear window wiper obscuring your view.

So you jump out to remove it, thieves nip in and drive off in the car – more than likely taking your bag/shopping with it.

The majority of these scams occur in foreign destinations when people are at their most vulnerable.

But here are a couple of tips for you: if you fear you have a flat tyre, try to continue until the next service station and if you do have to remove the flier, make sure your valuables are hidden.

In both cases, always keep the car locked.

Katherine Clarkson, National Accounts

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