The Telegraph reveals how tyres can help reduce your motoring costs

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There is a really good article in The Telegraph’s motoring section today about how the tyres you choose and the way you care for them can save you money.

According to James Foxall many drivers rarely give their tyres a second thought, they are just the black round things that “keep their car from belly-flopping on the road”.

However, Foxall explains: “the tyres you choose can have a huge impact on your pocket.”

Made up of up to 4,000 components, tyres may all look the same, but they can be vastly different. The report cites the research by synthetic rubber maker Lanxess which suggests that fitting rubber with a low rolling resistance is the quickest way for drivers to save money on fuel.

Lanxess claims carbon savings per pound are 35 per cent greater than for an engine fitted with a stop-start system and 62 per cent greater than on a hybrid.

The report also highlights tests by consumer organisation Which?, stating that eco tyres can save six per cent on fuel, while Lanxess puts the figure at seven per cent.

“This might sound like a meagre amount,” Foxall writes, “but assuming you average 12,000 miles a year in a 35mpg car it will reduce your fuel bill by about £140 a year.

“Of course eco tyres don’t save you money by accident. They’ll have undergone more research and be made from more complex compounds of materials which have to be justified by a higher price.

“However, even if the price premium is £30 per corner they will more than pay for themselves in year one, then in year two the savings will begin.”

Even by just making sure your existing tyres a properly inflated can help to save you money. Having tyres that are 15psi below their recommended pressure can increase fuel consumption by three per cent. It can also cause the tyre to wear out more quickly and substantially increase stopping distances.

Foxall concludes: “Even if you don’t invest in a set of premium eco tyres, just giving your existing rubber a bit of TLC could start saving you cash.”

To read the full report go to

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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