The Telegraph puts all-season tyres to the test

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All-season tyres are being put through their paces by The Telegraph in a test to find out if they live up to the claim that they are the best solution for handling the extremes of the British climate.

Journalist Chris Knapman will be reporting on the performance of a set of Goodyear Vector 4Seasons tyres over the coming months.

According to the article: “As the temperature drops from the high twenties of summer to the teens of autumn and then into single figures in winter we’ll report on how the tyres perform, not just in terms of grip, but noise, fuel economy and, let’s not forget, cost.”

All season tyres are hailed as an alternative to swapping regular tyres with winter options, which is why the report is timely, for although Britain is still basking in one of the hottest summers in recent memory, in a month or two many motorists will be preparing to switch to winter tyres.

Knapman reports that this is widely regarded as a good time of year to buy winter tyres, because “demand is low and therefore stocks, if not plentiful, at least exist”.

He added: “The thinking goes that you pop them on to a spare set of wheels and store until October, at which point you swap them over with your car’s regular wheels and tyres to give you optimum performance through the year’s coldest months.

“Yet despite the many advantages this approach to tyre management yields (they provide superior performance not just in snow, but any time the temperature is below 7C), there are also certain fairly obvious drawbacks.”

All-season tyres are cited as a cheaper, more convenient alternative to fitting winter tyres. Knapman reported: “The theory is that these are the jack of all trades, spanning the range of abilities of summer and winter tyres. But does that also mean they are the master of none?”

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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