The Little Book of the Automobile – Blood, Sweat and Tyres

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Need a gift idea for a car enthusiast or looking for a fun book to chuck into the suitcase to read on holiday – then check out The Little Book of the Automobile – Blood, Sweat and Tyres.

Written by David Long, motoring ghost writer, motoring editor of ‘Mayfair’ magazine and contributor to The Sunday Times, Sunday People and London Evening Standard, it’s packed full of his experience of more than 2,000 different cars, starting with a Ferrari V12 in 1984 and progressing downwards ever since.

His book, published by The History Press, contains all the information necessary to compile at least 100 motoring based pub quizzes, with some clever traps for the unwary.

As David Long says on his website: “With a quarter of million cars a day crowding onto the M25, and millions more standing nose-to-tail on our A-roads, Britain is now officially Europe’s largest car park.

“In Germany it’s illegal to drive on a motorway at less than 37mph, but in south-east England it can be a struggle even to reach such a speed during daylight hours.

“You know how it is. Over-stressed, over-taxed, with petrol at well over a pound a litre rising, and the morning and evening rush hours rapidly merging into one, UK motorists have now become slaves to the machine rather than its master.

“People, even so, are still keen to go places – according to the Times the A-Z to of London is the most shoplifted book in Britain – and tragically there is still no better way of doing it than by car.

“Written with the mad, suffering millions in mind, Blood, Sweat and Tyres is the antidote you’ve been waiting for. Casting a wry eye over the world of modern motoring, and highlighting some of its strangest and more bizarre aspects, it seeks to put the sheer awfulness of driving anywhere into some kind of sensible perspective.

“Failing that it might at least give the victims – motorists, their passengers, friends and families – something funny to read and to reflect upon whilst they wait for the road ahead to clear.”

Buy a copy now, and find out:

Why the most successful Le Mans driver of all time wishes he could race a 90 year old lady

Why the Fab Three bullied Ringo into selling his favourite French supercar

And how big a forest your average football team would need to plant to offset the massive carbon footprint of all the gas-guzzlers in the players’ car park.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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