The key thing to look out for when examining your tyre treads is…

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The key to ensuring your tyres are in good working order is making sure there aren’t any keys sticking out of them!

key in tyre

What an infuriating sight this must have been for our etyres Cardiff customer…it wasn’t even a key he had lost and was desperately searching for.

Angela at etyres Cardiff explained: “Our customer parked his car and went into the gym, when he came out he discovered he had a flat tyre and saw this key sticking out! He assumed he must have run over it in the car park.

“Fortunately we were able to get to him quickly, but unfortunately the damage was not repairable, because the key had left a large gash in the rubber!”

Our mobile tyre fitting teams across the UK are regularly called out by customers whose tyres have been damaged, often after driving over potholes or being vandalised.

There are two bits of good news we would like to share with you incase you find yourself in this situation. Firstly there is a high possibility that the tyre will be repairable. In our experience, 60 per cent of all punctures we examine can be repaired safely and cheaply, without the need for a replacement tyre.

Secondly, our mobile service means you don’t have to worry about driving to a garage or fast fit depot and inflicting even more damage on your flat tyre or wheel, we come to your location, whether you are at home, work or even the gym, to repair or replace your tyre.

All puncture repairs carried out by etyres are in compliance with the British Standard BS AU 159 and we always bring along a brand new tyre so that if yours cannot be repaired, we can fit a replacement and have you back on the road again in minutes.

So don’t let a flat tyre get you down – contact etyres if you suffer a puncture and remember our mobile service is the key to our success!

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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