Telegraph offers advice to motorists driving abroad this summer

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If you are planning on driving abroad during the summer holiday, The Telegraph has just run an interesting feature offering tips and advice to ensure you enjoy happy motoring.

Whether you using your own car when you are driving abroad or a rental vehicle, consumer expert James Foxall stresses it pays to be prepared before you leave the UK.

He likens the world of car hire to that of budget airlines, where the price you pay covers the service in its most basic form and anything else incurs a further, frequently hefty, charge.

Foxall writes: “The difference is that when you hire a car, the thing you’re paying extra for probably has an acronym. It’s a world of CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver), LDW (Loss Damage Waiver), PEP (Personal Effects Protection), TP (Theft Protection), STP (Super Theft Protection) and more.

“Add these extras to your hire car policy at the desk in the airport and you’ll pay as much as £20 per day on top of existing rental charges. And it’s totally unnecessary. Pay for this cover before you go away and you’ll get it for a fraction of the hire car companies’ cost. I found and Questor Insurance both offering excess reimbursement insurance for less than £20 for a week.”

If you are driving abroad in your own car then breakdown cover and insurance are key elements are two key issues to take care of before you load up the boot and hit the road.

Foxall urges motorists to make sure they are comparing like for like cover, not just prices when they take out breakdown cover and gives advice on the most cost effective deals, especially if you plan on driving abroad more than once a year.

As for insurance, he writes: “You probably think that if you’re covered here you’ll be covered abroad.” However, even though some policies cover you fully comp for driving abroad, it may only be for third party “the lowest common denominator coverage”.

And the article, which you can read in full at offers plenty of other advice on driving abroad too, such as the fact that the France has expanded its network of speed cameras significantly over the past few years while removing some signs warning of impending speed cameras – and they have detectors and functions within satnavs that pinpoint the exact location of cameras illegal, with fines of up to 1,500 euros (£1,275).

Also, GB plates are compulsory in every EU country and you can face a £17 fine for not displaying one.

On top of all this, etyres always recommend that anyone who is driving abroad gives their tyres a thorough inspection to make sure they are safe and legal. If your tyres are incorrectly inflated, do not have enough tread or are damaged, it can lead to a blow out or slow puncture, which may mean you have to purchase a new tyre while you are driving abroad – which is an extra holiday expense nobody wants.

If you need new tyres before driving abroad, etyres offer a wide range of tyres at highly competitive prices and we fit them at your home or work.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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