Telegraph motoring writer extols virtues of winter tyres

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Winter tyres continue to be a hot topic of debate amongst the motoring media, with James Foxall adding a recent contribution to the Telegraph’s motoring section on Saturday.

According to Foxall fitting your car with the correct rubber could be vital on our icy roads and he advised readers: “Recent icy blasts mean we should all be making preparations for when winter arrives with a vengeance.”

The Telegraph’s motoring’s consumer expert also quoted Guy Frobisher, marketing director for Continental tyres, who said: “Most people think, ‘I’ve got an SUV, I’ll be all right if it snows’. They’re wrong. Accidents involving SUVs on summer tyres in slippery conditions are worse than those on a standard saloon because they’re heavier. People think cars make the difference. Actually it’s the tyres”

Foxall acknowledged the initial financial outlay can put some motorists off ordering winter tyres, but he added: “Despite the outlay, it’s a worthwhile investment for me and many thousands like me who live on hills far from tow. Without the extra grip, I can’t get home if I’m out and the roads turn slippery.”

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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