Telegraph motoring writer explains why he swaps over to winter tyres

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If you are considering investing in a set of winter tyres but are not totally convinced they are worth the hassle or money, we recommend you read Chris Chilton’s report in the Daily Telegraph’s motoring section.

Under the headline ‘Winter tyres are the way to go” Chilton writes about what happened when he took part in a test comparing normal tyres against winter tyres. He wrote: “Whether you’re talking about accelerating, stopping or cornering, a car fitted with winter tyres will leave one without them chocking on its (snow) dust. The emergency stop from 60mph was probably the biggest eye opener, the winter-shod car stopping almost 10m sooner than the car on summer tyrs on a wet track, which could represent a difference between having an accident and avoiding it altogether.”

Chilton even recommends winter tyres for 4×4-vehicle owners, explaining: “Grip is down the the tyres, not the number of wheels driving the car”.

Although some motorists might be influenced by the price of fitting winter tyres, Chilton continues: “Although there’s an initial outlay of around £500 to consider, remember that you’re extending the life of your summer tyres, because they aren’t wearing while the winter ones are fitted to your vehicle.

“The additional security afforded by those winter tyres, on the other hand, could be invaluable.”

etyres supply and fit a wide range of winter tyres to suit all budgets, and with its money-off Discount Promise, a set of budget winter tyres would cost around £250 or £300 for mid-range options.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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