Telegraph compares winter and summer tyres on “Ice Hill”

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By Denna Bowman

Winter tyres have been compared to their summer counterparts on two and four-wheel drive cars in the Telegraph.

Journalist Chris Knapman tested the difference in performance of the two kinds of tyres at the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone, which has its own “Ice Hill” nestled between the high-speed test tracks.

According to the report: “This seven per cent slope features a low-friction surface and two computer-controlled water jets to simulate the kind of conditions that for the last two years have sent British roads into a state of chaos.”

The first test revealed that a two-wheel drive car on winter tyres is better than a four-wheel-drive car on summer tyres.

Knapman reports: “Having just about (and it was a close thing) managed to zig zag our way to the top of the Ice Hill in a four-wheel-drive Cayenne on summer tyres, we are going to try something slightly different.

“Climbing down from the big SUV I land in the seat of a rear-wheel drive, high-performance Porsche Boxster and return to the bottom of the Ice Hill. In theory the Boxster shouldn’t stand a chance here, but as I slot the gearlever into drive and lean on the throttle it begins to move. Be too ambitious with the power and the rear wheels will still spin, but with a bit of restraint it ascends the hill with ease, its steering crisp and controlled. The difference, of course, is that it’s wearing winter tyres.

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The benefits of fitting winter tyres have also been highlighted in a video by etyres, the leading online tyre company.

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