Telegraph’s Motoring Agony Aunt on BMW Tyres

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The Daily Telegraph’s helpful motoring agony aunt has been tackling the subject of comfortable and quiet tyres for a BMW E91 3-series.

Honest John was asked by a reader: “I have a BMW E91 3-series 2.5 Tourer with run-flat tyres. After 16,000 miles the fronts are coming close to needing replacement. I have found the present Bridgestone tyres seem to transmit even minor bumps in the roads more so than with my previous Tourer, which didn’t have run-flats. I am looking for comfort and quietness and hoping you can suggest type of tyre and manufacturer that will improve ride comfort.” M.H., via e-mail

And Honest John replied: “I’m currently trying to get BMW to re-think its wheel and tyre strategy. If the car is on 18- or 17-inch wheels, a change to 16-inch wheels will put more of a tyre cushion between the rims and the road, but BMW might not advise this for the 325i.”

Katherine Clarkson, National Accounts

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