Why you should never drive on severely damaged tyres (unless you have got the back up of a F1 team at your disposal)

Driving on tyres that have suffered “pretty severe damage” is just another day at the office for a Formula 1 ace like Valterri Bottas, who went on to win the Russian Grand Prix, despite the handicap last weekend. But for the average driver, the consequences can be catastrophic! For while Bottas had the full support […]

You don’t need to be a F1 driver to know how important the right tyres are

There has been a bit of a hoo-ha over the wet weather tyres Pirelli is supplying the Formula 1 teams with this year. Aquaplaning was a particular issue during the rain-hit Brazilian Grand Prix earlier this month and there are rumours flying around that the drivers are “angry” that the tyres are not performing better. […]

Rosberg triumphs at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with two-stop tyre strategy

Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg clinched his third consecutive victory of the season after adopting a two-stop tyre strategy at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Rosberg dominated from pole using a supersoft-soft-soft strategy and although this was identical to his team mate Lewis Hamilton, who came second, the German racer made his pit stop first and […]

Tyre strategy key for Mexican Grand Prix

Tyre strategy played a key role in determining the outcome of the first Mexican Grand Prix in 23 years, which saw Mercedes driver Nico Roseberg triumph over his team-mate Lewis Hamilton. Roseberg started on pole and adopted a two-stop soft-medium-medium strategy, but it was the high temperatures that added an exciting extra dimension to the […]

Hamilton claims victory and World Championship title at US Grand Prix with the right tyre strategy

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for storming to victory at the United States Grand Prix and sealing his third World Championship following a thrilling race which centred around tyre strategy. The action took place on a drying track and with no dry running before the race, along with two safety cars, tyre strategy was very complicated, […]

Hamilton wins Japanese Grand Prix with two-stop tyre strategy

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton roared to victory at the Japanese Grand Prix with a two stop tyre strategy and widened his lead in the Formula One title race. Hamilton, who adopted a medium-medium-hard tyre strategy from second on the grid, pulled off an aggressive passing move on teammate Nico Rosberg at the first corner. He […]