Support Group for Tyres Manufacturers

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By Katherine Clarkson

A new initiative has been launched to support tyres manufacturers who are facing a raft of new directives and regulations.

The Imported Tyres Manufacturers’ Association has launched a European Technical Group, aimed at guiding and advising its member companies across the 27 member states of the EU.

Peter Taylor, ITMA director, said: “The tyre industry is facing a deluge of new Directives and Regulations and we must organise ourselves better in order to prepare to deal with them.

“By sharing our individual resources in this way we can have a big impact.

“Across the Union, our members account for up to 40 million units annually and we must not allow ourselves to be marginalised or seen wanting.

“The formation of this group will help us to serve our members better, encourage others to join and give us a unique, new voice.”

The group, which has already held its first meeting, is made up of tyre engineers and other specialists nominated by ITMA member companies from around the world.

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