Sunday Times readers continue their space saver tyres debate

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The Sunday Times is continuing to devote considerable column inches to the subject of space saver tyres in its popular InGear motoring supplement.

Under the headline ‘Flat Note’ the letters page featured this contribution on the controversial tyres issue from Dr John Baird, Blunsdon, in Wiltshire.

He wrote: “While recent correspondents have bemoaned the space saver tyres in their cars I think they are lucky – at least they have something reasonably safe to use when a tyre is punctured (last week and June 20th). My two-and-a-half-year-old Ford S-Max doesn’t have a spare tyre of any sort. Instead Ford decided that a small tube of ‘gummy gas’ would suffice (the idea being that this will inflate the tyre and somehow patch up the puncture). After just a couple of thousand miles, my new S-Max got a puncture that was too big for the gummy gas to fix. After limping home I was able to borrow my wifes car, a Ford C-Max, this also had no spare tyre just the guummy gas but at least it had space for one unlike the S-Max. I don’t know how pervasive the use of this gummy gas is, but for safety’s sake Ford needs to get rid of it and include a spare tyre.”

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