Paramedic’s Slashed Tyres “Put Baby’s Life at Risk”

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A furious paramedic’s assistant has blasted the vandals who slashed one of his car tyres for putting the life of an 18-month-old baby seriously at risk.

Ashley Buttle, and emergency care assistant for South Central Ambulance Service was on his way to work in Slough earlier this week when he discovered one of his car tyres was “as flat as a pancake”.

He believed it was a faulty valve initially and was able to borrow his father’s car – however, he later discovered that it had been slashed.

Mr Buttle told the Bucks Free Press newspaper: “The vandals might just as well have slashed the tyres on the ambulance itself.

“Deliberate acts of vandalism such as this can make you late for work and quite simply mean in my case one less ambulance on the road for that period of time.”

Mr Buttle works with a paramedic as one half of an ambulance crew.

He said: “Our first job was with a very poorly 18 month old baby – I don’t know if they’d have been able to get to the job without me. It’s just fortunate I could borrow my dad’s car.

“I have calmed down a bit now but I was absolutely furious when I found out.”

The ambulance worker said it would cost him the equivalent of his wages for two days to repair – around £120.

“It’s money I can ill afford. I do 12 hour shifts and all I’m doing is to pay for a tyre that has been vandalised,” he said.

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Alex, National Call Centre

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