Skiers urged to make sure car tyres are fit to tackle sub-zero temperatures

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If you are planning on driving abroad for a skiing trip this winter you should make sure your car tyres are safe to tackle sub-zero weather conditions.

Your car tyres require a good level of tread depth to maintain traction with the road and stay in control of the vehicle when you are driving in snowy mountain regions.

In certain European countries it is a legal requirement to fit cold weather or winter tyres and so you should check the legislation of the destination country – and the countries you will be driving through, in order to avoid accidents, costly penalties or invalidating your insurance,

Cold weather tyres contain a higher quantity of natural rubber compound, which allows them to retain their flexibility on frozen roads. They also contain many tiny cuts in the tread which help the tyre to absorb snow, rather than slide over it.

Whether driving on normal, ‘summer’ tyres or cold weather tyres, you should making sure that your car tyres have sufficient amount of tread depth is fundamental to braking and driving safely on wet and icy roads.

A common mistake made by vehicle owners travelling abroad is not checking tyre pressure when the car is loaded up with luggage. This can dramatically affect the result of the air pressure test.

You have to take into account the heavy skiing equipment and extra passengers you might have on board which – these can lead to a build-up of heat inside the tyre as it strains to perform under the additional weight.

This could eventually result in a blowout, putting yourself, passengers and other road users at risk.

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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