Self Sealing

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By Andrew Williams,
Contributing Editor

German tyre-manufacturer Continental is set to launch a range of self-sealing tyres at next month?s Geneva International Motor Show.

In Geneva, Continental will unveil a selection of self-sealing tyres for the European market. The tyres use technology known as ContiSeal, which involves the use of a protective layer inside the tyre-tread that seals any puncture immediately, and allows a car to continue traveling as normal. Unlike run-on-flat tyres, the Continental self-sealing tyre doesn?t have post-puncture limitations on speed or distance, and allows continued normal usage.

The seal offers protection against sharp objects, such as nails and screws, up to 5mm in diameter. According to Continental the tyre is proof against 85% of leaks and, eliminates the need for a spare tyre. However, the company recommends that motorists remain vigilant and check their tyres regularly to look for implanted nails or screws.

The tyre will be launched with the ContiSportContact 3 tread design, and will be seen first on the new Passat CC, which will also be unveiled at the Geneva show.

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