Self-Inflation Tyres Win An Industry Oscar!

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It sounds too good to be true, but the Self-Inflating Tyre (SIT) has just scooped the tyres world equivalent of an Oscar – the Tyre Technology of the Year Award!

Devised by Czech firm Coda Development the SIT system could revolutionise the tyres world, because it is primarily designed to aid fuel economy and safety.

And the big advantage for vehicle owners is it eliminates tyres pressure checks and the need to manually inflate tyres.  It also helps to address the serious drawbacks of incorrect tyre pressure which causes pollution and costs money at the fuel pump.

The SIT system uses atmospheric air to inflate the tyre automatically when a vehicle is in motion, compensating for natural loss of pressure, thus ensuring maintenance-free, constant tyre pressure over the lifetime of the tyre.

‘It’s a fantastic technology, yet remains a simple, inexpensive solution designed to be manufacturer-friendly,’ says Adam Gavine, editor of Tyre Technology International.

‘Production costs for incorporating this component will increase only marginally compared to regular tyres, but the benefits the technology provides are considerable.’

Coda Development, which is based in Prague, Czech Republic, plans to develop the system further into a proven production model in joint cooperation with partners from the automotive and tyre industries.

Alex Kapadia, etyres Operations Executive 

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