Roseberg sweeps to victory in Monaco with just one tyre change

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Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg swept to victory at the Monaco Grand Prix after starting from pole on the P Zero Red supersoft tyres and leading every lap.

Roseberg switched to the P Zero Yellow soft tyres and completed the race after an intense battle with his team-mate Lewis Hamilton. Management of tyres and fuel proved key factors because there was such a small performance gap between them.

Both drivers made their sole pit stop on lap 25, with Rosberg pitting just in front of Hamilton as Mercedes, along with most teams, took advantage of a safety car period.

Paul Hembery, motorsport director for Pirelli tyres, said: “Monaco is synonymous with unpredictability, and once more we saw plenty of action, safety cars and racing incidents. Tyre wear and degradation was not an issue, as we saw from the very long stints completed by some drivers even on the supersoft, and the fact that most drivers completed just one stop.

“The tyres on Grosjean’s car, for example, still had 20% of their rubber left despite having completed more than 50 laps. Track temperatures were cooler than they had been for qualifying, but the pace was still such that the top four lapped the rest of the field, with an extremely close fight between the top three.

“Although we’re running a more durable tyre this year, performance is not generally compromised. As single tyre supplier, the tyres are what the first and the last car on the grid: all the rest is in the hands of the teams.”

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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