RainSport 2

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Uniroyal’s new RainSport 2, launched in February, is the latest tyre designed specifically to cope with our wet weather conditions. Over 30 percent of accidents occur in the rain, making wet weather handling one of the key components in tyre design.

The RainSport 2 outperforms, or matches, its predecessors in all the key areas. Restructured tyre-tread grooves have improved water dispersal thus lessening the risk of aquaplaning, while improving breaking in wet conditions.

The new tyre utilizes a new red-hot silica compound that improves grip in all driving conditions. This improved grip has also resulted in improved fuel efficiency, which is 8 percent superior to that of its predecessors.

The RainSport 2 range includes a variety of rim diameters and widths, and is available with V, W, Y and ZR speed ratings.

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