RAC urges drivers to check tyres ahead of Bank Holiday weekend

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By Denna Bowman

The RAC has compiled a motoring checklist ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend urging drivers to give their cars a thorough safety inspection from the tyres to windscreen wiper blades.

With thousands of motorists taking to the road for weekend getaways, the motoring organisation recommends taking the following steps to ensure a safe journey:

* Check the tyre tread – worn away tread is dangerous as the tyres won’t grip the road properly. Deflated tyres can cause further damage to the wheel, and will pull to the side as you drive. Drivers can be fined £2,500 for each tyre that is below the legal tread limit, as well as receiving three penalty points.

* Check tyre pressure – poorly inflated tyres put more strain on the engine and burn more fuel. Over-inflated tyres are also more likely to suffer a blow out.

* If your vehicle has a spare wheel, check that it is roadworthy – punctured or deflated tyres are easily replaced at the roadside if a spare wheel is present, and will take much longer to fix if there’s no replacement to hand. If the car does have a spare wheel, load the car so that it is easy to get to.

* Check engine fluid levels are topped up – long journeys in hot weather will put strain on the engine, so make sure engine oil and coolants are filled to the optimal level.

* Test the windscreen wipers and lights – ensure the windscreen wipers are not damaged, as this will affect driving visibility if the weather turns. The windscreen wiper reservoir should be full. The law requires all lights to be clean and in good working order, so walk around the car and check them before you set off.

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