Quentin Willson urges drivers to replace tyres after five years

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Motoring expert Quentin Willson has been driving home the importance of changing your tyres when they are more than five-years-old – even if they still have plenty of tread.

Quentin was responding to a question posed by Alan, a reader of his excellent motoring column in the Sunday Mirror, today.

Alan emailed the motoring guru to ask: “The tyres on my Vectra are nine years old. They’ve got plenty of tread left and look OK but my garage says they need changing. Are they trying to rip me off?”

To which Quentin replied: “No, your garage is giving good advice. Tyres degrade naturally because of heat, sunlight, rain and snow. You really should change them after five years as the rubber can perish invisibly and could cause a blowout. Those four rings of rubber are all that separate you from a serious crash, so spend the money and be safe.”

To check the year each of your tyres was manufacturers, look for the DOT code. It will look like ‘DOT A57C DEF 598’ or ‘DOT A87C DEF 0204’ – the first code’s last 3 digits signify a caravan tyre manufactured in May 1998 and the second code’s last 4 digits signify that the caravan tyre was manufactured in the second week of 2004.

Not all tyres have the DOT code, however you should be able to find a separate group of digits such as ‘3805’ which signifies the tyre was manufactured in the 38th week of 2005.

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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