Puncture repair vs a brand new tyre

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Incase you are ever unfortunate enough to suffer a puncture in your tyre, it is worth reading what James Foxall, the award-winning motoring journalist, had to say on the subject in his Daily Telegraph Motoring column last Saturday.

“There can be few more irritating things than getting a puncture in a new tyre. But do you then replace it or get it fixed? There is after all a hefty cost differential: a new big-name tyre can cost upwards of £100, whereas you can get a tyre repaired for about a quarter of that. The answer seems obvious. But is it?

“Tyres go through an awful lot in their daily life and you definitely don’t want one to fail suddenly. The most recent Department for Transport stats show that illegal defective or under-inflated tyres account for more than half of the motorway crashes that are caused by vehicle faults. And you would image that a tyre that’s been repaired is more likely to fail.

“Not so, according to tyre maker Continental. “A puncture repair should last the life of the tyre if it’s been done properly,” said technical services manager Steve Howat. “But whether tyres can be repaired is restricted by a British Standard. This controls the size of the hole, and how badly the tyre has been damaged by the puncture.””

The article goes on to point out that: “Loosely speaking, if the damage to the tyre is on what’s known as the shoulder – the part between the treaded area and the sidewall – it probably isn’t repairable. And if there are any wires visible within the tyre, it definitely isn’t.

“Howard revealed: “We’ve seen some horrendous repairs where the tyre has been punctured right on the edge of the belts and someones’ put a plug patch in there.” So tyre repairs can be OK.”

etyres offer a mobile puncture repair service which costs just £25, including VAT. If the tyre cannot be safely and legally repaired, etyres fitters always take along a brand new tyre so that they can get the car back on the road immediately.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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