Prepare your motorhome and caravan tyres for winter hibernation

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The temperatures have started to plummet recently and so if you own a caravan or motorhome, the chances are you have already made your last trip for the year and your vehicle will be starting its winter hibernation.

It is really important that you spare a thought for your motorhome or caravan tyres, because storing them properly will help maintain there condition and ultimately prolong their use

According to the Caravan Times: “Our resident caravan experts tell us that tyres aren’t great fans of sitting on the same tread for long periods of time and, as a result, could affect tyre pressure or wear and tear of your tyres’ tread. Ensuring you turn your wheels every six to eight weeks will put stop to this and is highly recommended.”

etyres recommend you take the following steps to protect your caravan and motorhome tyres this winter:

* Examine all the tyres for signs of damage

* Make sure they are cleaned using water to remove traces of any chemicals and petrol that can cause the rubber to deteriorate

* Jack the caravan up to release the pressure on the tyres, if possible, and turn them frequently

* Cover the tyres to protect them from harmful UV rays if they are exposed to sunlight

And remember, when the spring comes round and your caravan or motorhome emerges from its winter slumber, give your tyres a thorough inspection once again and if you need new tyres contact etyres, because our mobile tyre fitting service means we come to you, whether your vehicle is parked at your home or a storage site.

Denna Bowman

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