Practical Classics Magazine Raves About Our Tyres Service

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Practical Classics magazine have just discovered the joy of ordering tyres from etyres.

Their writer Matt Jones found out for himself how much cheaper we were than the high street tyres depots – and how much more convenient our mobile tyre fitting service is.

Here’s what Matt had to say on the magazine’s popular blog page: “Most stuff I’ve bought off the internet is a load of old rubbish. But this time I was pleasantly surprised.

“So far this year, I’ve bought three things from the internet. One of them was DVD. I paid for it three weeks ago and yesterday it arrived with a broken case and it wouldn’t work on my computer.

“The second item was a pair of boxer shorts with hearts on that I found on eBay. Admittedly, I‘d recently returned from a refreshing evening at The Flask, Highgate, but when they arrived they were for a toy, not a human.

“The final thing was a set of Dunlop Fast Response tyres for my Eunos Roadster. I asked the internet for cheap tyres and it pointed me to (0800 0289000). I scanned around the website and checked the prices – about £20 cheaper apiece than the local Kwik-Fit/ATS. But the company also claimed it would deliver and fit them for no extra charge.

“Despite my recent online misfortune, I gave them some money and guess what? The service wasn’t rubbish. The tyres didn’t come with holes in. And they weren’t designed for a toy. In fact, the whole buying experience was bloody good. Ben, the fitter chap, drove over within 24 hours of the order, he replaced everything in about half an hour while I watched TV in my living room. Then he and went on his way. No oily school chairs, no nasty little man telling me my brakes need replacing, and I saved about £80.

“I know this all sounds terribly sycophantic, but I was genuinely impressed by their service. And after questioning Ben for a bit, I found out that it offers a mobile fitting-only service, too. So if you’ve reached the end of a project and need to slap on those new crossplys sitting in the corner of your workshop, you don’t have to chuck four oily, dusty wheels into the daily and parade around your hometown’s industrial estates. They’ll come to you.

“Anyway, enough ranting. I’m off to eBay to look for some more pants.”

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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