Police Impound 2,750 Vehicles with Unsafe Tyres

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By Denna Bowman

Police impounded 2,750 light and heavy vehicles in just two weeks for putting lives at risk by using unsafe tyres.

The police in Abu Dhabi, who have launched the crackdown, said that the majority of the vehicles were running on worn-out tyres.

Col Hamad Adeel Al Shamisi, director of traffic and patrol, said the owners who buy cheap tyres with poor quality are putting lives in danger.

Many tyre sellers are not controlled by any monitoring authority and the sale of used tyres has become common practice. Many such tyres may already be expired or are poorly manufactured with low standards, Col Al Shamisi said.

The accidents caused by blow-outs during the first half of the current year led to four deaths and seven serious injuries.

Col Al Shamisi also emphasised that the traffic awareness campaign will continue to reach all community members under the theme the Safety of Tyres.

The three-month long campaign, which got underway earlier last month, involves a comprehensive field plan devised to intensify police patrols on all roads.

Col Al Shamisi also called for a combined effort by all departments to put an end to the use of reused or expired tyres, and to inspect the locations where these tyres are stored to make sure they are kept in locations that will not damage them.

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