Pirelli ‘very pleased’ with the achievement of making F1 tyres last longer

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Pirelli has trumpeted the success of its Formula One tyres for the 2014 season, after successfully fulfilling the brief to make them more durable than their 2013 counterparts.

Paul Hembery, motorsport director for Pirelli tyres, commented: “After three years of making tyres that feature deliberate degradation, in accordance with our brief, this year’s revolutionary new rules with turbocharging and increased torque prompted the need for more consistent and predictable tyres, leading to the same average number of pit stops per race (2 or 3). Once more, Pirelli was able to fulfill the brief.”

He added: “By changing the soft tyre in particular, the average durability of the compound has gone up from 47 to 93 kilometres. This has led to increased possibilities for different race strategies.”

Pirelli was instructed to adapt its tyres in order to deal with the increased stress due to a 4 fold increase in torque thanks to the
regulation changes for the cars.

In an interview with Sporkskeeda.com, Hembery was also asked to sum up his opinion of the Italian tyre manufacturers performance during the season, considering the regulation changes. He explained: “I think, we are very pleased with the season, in the sense that there was an element of unknown, coming to a year. The car has changed dramatically, and we feel that we got the balance right between and dealing with the new power trains and still providing the 2 or 3 pitstops we are asked to do. So, in consideration with the limitation in the testing, I think, we were very pleased with how things went this year.”

Hembery also confirmed that with regards to the 2015 tyres there will be very few changes. He commented: “Maybe one compound change, the supersoft might have structural changes in the tread to improve the footprint of the tyres. But we are talking about minor changes.”

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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