Pirelli tyres face kerb challenge at Canadian Grand Prix

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Pirelli is taking its soft and supersoft tyres to the Canadian Grand Prix where a severe track is likely to lead to a greater degree of wear and degradation.

Although there are no long corners, however acceleration and braking are characteristics which will place heavier demands on tyres. The drivers will also have to contend with the issue of big kerbs that require a tough tyre structure – something the average motorist can probably relate to, although F1 cars tend to hit them at around 80mph!

The nature of the track also means that there is more opportunity to use tyre strategy to gain track position, with a variety of different strategies in the mix last year.

Paul Hembery, motorsport director for Pirelli tyres, explained: “Canada often turns out to be one of the best races of the season, with a set of track characteristics that are not replicated anywhere else throughout the year. As a result it often throws up a few surprises and it’s also possible to win from lower down the grid, especially if you use a clever tyre strategy, or if it rains, or if there is a safety car: all of which are very possible in Montreal.

“Once again we have nominated the soft and supersoft tyres: the supersoft compound has been completely redesigned this year to provide even greater resistance to graining and blistering. With the cool weather that we often see in Montreal, this resistance to graining in particular is something that should be appreciated by the teams.

“As anything can happen in Canada, the best strategy is always one that has a certain degree of flexibility, allowing teams to react to changing circumstances. As we saw in Monaco, the strategy stakes can be very high.”

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