Pirelli takes its hardest tyres to Spanish Grand Prix

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Formula One returns this weekend with all the action taking place at the Spanish Grand Prix, which is regarded as a key race of the season.

The Montmelo circuit is one of the hardest circuits of the year with an abrasive surface and fast corners to accelerate through, so the tyres have to be able to handle the action.

Pirelli has opted to bring its two hardest compounds, the P Zero Orange hard tyres and P Zero White Medium tyres, which it believes will cope well with the fast, sweeping corners which put extreme forces through the tyres.

Paul Hembery, motorsport director for Pirelli tyres, explained: “It’s often said that Barcelona provides the most accurate representation of the form a season will take, because a car that performs well in Barcelona should perform well everywhere.

“The same is true of the tyres, because the Spanish circuit is one of the most demanding circuits we race on all year. Long and fast corners such as Turn Three put a huge amount of energy into the tyres, as a result of which degradation is high.

“The track surface is also quite abrasive, and ambient temperatures can be high, which increase the workload on the tyres further.

“In the past we’ve seen up to four pit stops in Spain. With the changes we have made to the tyres this year, we would now hope to see no more than three for the majority of drivers.”

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