Pirelli take hardest tyres to ‘epic’ Spa circuit for Belgian Grand Prix

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Pirelli is taking its hard and medium tyres to the Belgian Grand Prix for this weekends race which takes place on one of the quickest tracks on the circuit.

The P Zero Orange hard and P Zero White medium tyres are the two hardest compounds in the range and are perfectly suited to the high-energy demands of Spa-Francorchamps, which is nestled in the foothills of the Ardennes.

One of the key characteristics of Spa is its variable weather conditions, which means that the Cinturato Green intermediate tyres and Cinturato Blue full wet tyres are also likely to be called into play over the course of the weekend, according to Pirelli.

Paul Hembery, director of motorsport for the Italian tyres manufacturer, said: “Spa is not only an epic circuit, but also one of the biggest challenges for our tyres all year.

“Mostly this is because of the very high-energy loads that go all the way through the tyres, both vertically – due to the big compressions such as Eau Rouge – and also laterally at fast corners like Blanchimont.

“Often, the tyres are subjected to forces acting in different directions at the same time, which increases the work still further. So looking after the tyres is very important, particularly as it’s such a long lap. This means that there are a very wide variety of possible strategies available at Spa as well, with plenty of time to be won and lost if the right tactics are chosen.

“However, any strategy has to be very flexible, because it’s the changing weather that often makes Spa such a fascinating race. The conditions can change extremely quickly, which then makes how the teams use the intermediate and wet tyres the key to success – as we have seen so often in the past.

“Both our wet-weather tyres have proved their performance over previous races; with the intermediate tyre in particular showing how well suited it is even to inconsistent and drying conditions.

“There are plenty of overtaking opportunities, and the blend of performance and durability offered by our nominated tyres should maximise those chances this weekend.”

Alex Kapadia, Operations Team

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