Pirelli set to use new markings on its F1 tyres

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By Alex Kapadia

Pirelli has revealed it will introduce more distinctive markings on its Formula One tyres from the Turkish Grand Prix which will make the different compounds ‘far more visible’.

The Italian tyres manufacturer had added gold, and then silver, stripes make it easier to distinguish the soft ‘option’ compound at the Malaysian and Chinese rounds respectively after their initial idea of using different coloured lettering for the two compounds in use at the season-opener in Australia proved difficult to make out for TV audiences.

However, Pirelli had continued to work on a more definitive solution, according to the ITV news report.

Paul Hembery, motorsport director for Pirelli, confirmed: “From Turkey you will see a new marking on the tyres.

“The colours will be full colours on the sidewall and it will look much more significant the amount of colour we put in so the black can’t get in the way when it’s spinning.

“It will become far more visible.”

Although the colour of the stripe on the outside of the soft compound was changed from gold to silver in Shanghai for last weekend, Hembrey revealed that the change was made because Pirelli simply “ran out of pens”.

“Unfortunately with these overseas races things [equipment] were already sent and away,” he explained.

“I did tell them they should have put them [the silver stripes] on the hard tyre but they said no because everything talks about option and the option tends to have the stripe.

“It [the stripe] doesn’t look very good but we realise that the public and the television do at least need some chance of recognising what product’s on the car.”

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