Pirelli Set to Release “Intelligent Tyres”

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By Alex Kapadia

Pirelli is on the verge of releasing its latest invention – “intelligent tyres”

The new tyres technology centres around a microchip which supplies tyre and road condition information to the car’s electronic control system.

It is designed to increase safety and is expected to become available in the Italian company’s Cyber Tyre Lean and Cyber Tyre in early 2010.

The Cyber Lean will register tyre pressure and temperature data, noting too the average load of the vehicle.

It is attached to the inner lining and can store information such as the tyre’s production date and site.

It derives the energy necessary to work from vibrations, further enhancing its environmentally friendly credentials.

The Cyber Tyre will have the electronic sensor inserted directly into the tyre structure.

A triaxial accelerometer will, according to the Energy Harvesting Journal, “give data on the actual and potential friction coefficients, the force of the contact between tyre and road, and on the load, instantaneously.”

It supersedes current tyre sensor technology by being able to “correct wrong behaviour in advance.”

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