Pirelli seeks fresh ideas on F1 tyres from teams

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Pirelli has revealed it wants to discuss ideas for a shake-up of F1 rules relating to tyres for 2012 with the teams.

Although the Italian tyres manufacturer is pleased with the way this season has panned out so far it is open to being more creative with the tyre regulations next year, according to AUTOSPORT.

Paul Hembery, director of motorsport for Pirelli, particularly wants to find out how the teams think his company can continue tyre testing next year – with its current updated TF109 test car getting to the end of its useful life.

“It is a problem with the testing, it is a genuine problem,” Hembery told AUTOSPORT. “Going forward it remains a problem that we cannot get access to current cars, and nobody wants to seem to give us an answer or a solution.

“As much as Toyota has done a good job you can only go forward so far, before we have no access to testing. We want to be a good partner for the sport and we want to try and deliver the best product, but until we can test and verify our own results it is becoming a little bit more difficult.”

Hembery says that although the Toyota car has been invaluable for its 2011 preparations, the design is now getting dated with the regulations changing so much.

“The car doesn’t have the right sized fuel tank, and it doesn’t have the DRS. The 2013 regulations are probably going to be less downforce and higher top speed, so we need to sit down and find a solution.

“It is easy for the teams to say no, no, no. But we genuinely need a solution and one that doesn’t lead to accusations that we are favouring one team over another. We are not interested in that.”

Hembery said that as well as the testing issue, he wanted to discuss with teams wider changes – including revisions to the Q3 tyre rules and the possibility of qualifying tyres.

“We will probably catch up at a race event just after the summer – probably September time,” explained Hembery.

“We will sit down with them and say: ‘Look this is what we have learned this year, this is what we think we can do better for you, and do you want us to do it?’

“The teams need to tell us what they want of course because at the end of the day it is the teams that decide where we go.”

Alex Kapadia, Operations Team

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