Pirelli reveals its 2013 F1 tyres will give teams a smoother ride

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By Alex Kapadia

Pirelli has revealed that Formula One teams will be in for a much smoother ride with its 2013 tyres.

Paul Hembery, motorsport boss for the Italian tyres company, has announced that it has changed the compounds and structure of this year year’s tyres in a bid to avoid the problems they caused at the start of 2012.

However, Pirelli is also keen to continue adding a sense of drama and excitement to the sport, following on from the unpredictable beginning to the last season, which saw seven different winners in the first seven races.

Hembery told AUTOSPORT that Pirelli is planning to retain an aggressive concept, but that with rules remaining similar, teams will face less problems in adapting to the new rubber.

He said: “Because the cars are staying relatively stable, the teams are coming from a pretty solid platform in understanding what they are working with.

“We are changing the structure of the tyres, changing all the four compounds and being more aggressive, and that will possibly create some challenges initially.

“But we don’t foresee the issues that they had in 2012, when the car changes were so dramatic.”

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