Osborne’s Budget is good news for cars and tyres

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Forget beer and bingo, George Osborne’s annual budget is pretty good news for your car and tyres.

Firstly, the Chancellor of the eEchequer opted to freeze fuel duty as part of his 2014 budget statement and he also announced an extra £200 million for pothole maintenance.

As well as paying less at the pumps, you can also reduce your fuel costs by making sure your tyres are properly inflated. When tyres are under-inflated, their rolling resistance increases which means they need more energy or fuel to make them turn. According to research when tyre are under-inflated by 20% (around 6psi), 3% more fuel is used.

Pumping an extra £200 million into repairing the UK’s pothole blighted roads could also potentially save motorists a small fortune, because it will cut the chances of damaging your tyres and wheels by driving over the gaping holes.

Potholes are estimated to cause millions of pounds worth of damage to vehicles and often result in vehicle owners having to buy a new tyre. However, another way to save money if your tyres are damaged by a hole is the road is to contact etyres. etyres operate a mobile puncture repairs service, which means you can get your car back safely on the road for a fraction of the cost of a brand new tyre. Our mobile tyre fitting service also means you don’t have to risk causing further damage to your wheels by driving on your damaged tyres because we come to you to carry out the repair or fit a new replacement tyre.

All etyres puncture repairs are carried out in compliance with the British Standard (BSAU159) and cost just £25, including VAT.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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