Now is the time to think about winter tyres, according to business chief

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The sun may not be shining as brightly as we’d like, but summer is definitely here and yet thoughts are already turning to winter tyres in certain circles.

Ken Trinder, head of business development at Epyx, has written an interesting blog for FleetNews urging fleet operators to start considering their winter tyres plans.

Trinder reasons: “The last two winters have been proper waist-deep-in-snow-and-sludge affairs.

“Depending on where your fleet operates, your car and van drivers probably had their ability to get around severely curtailed for several weeks or months.

“Even when they could take to the roads, they probably did so with trepidation as their cars slipped and slid on icy surfaces.

“This almost certainly had a direct effect on their productivity and your profitability – a field sales team can’t make field sales calls if they can’t move off their drive when it snows because their car is fitted with tyres that are simply not designed for the conditions.”

To read his full comment go to

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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