Nexen set to roll out new eco-friendly tyres across Europe

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By Denna Bowman

The new, environmentally-friendly Nexen N’Blue ECO and HD tyres are scheduled to arrive in the European markets and many other countries during the third quarter of 2011.

The name is comprised of `N`, for `Nexen` as well as the descriptive `Blue`, a colour which gives the idea of refreshing coolness. `ECO` stands for `ecology` and `HD` for `handling`.

The N’Blue contains a special compound that includes “eco-friendly materials,” according to Nexen officials. It also contains a special tread pattern for stability, plus “a dynamically engineered tread sequence to reduce road noise.”

Both product ranges have lower fuel consumption as well as lower 
CO2 emissions, as a result of reduced rolling resistance and weight.

The environmentally-friendly N’Blue Eco and HD range has been developed specifically for Europe as a summer tyre.

The Korean firm launched the Nexen N’Blue at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier this year, where it also aimed to increase awareness of the brand and establish the company’s standing as an international tyre manufacturer.

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