New invention set to revolutionise the tyres industry

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By Oliver Hall

A US inventor claims he has patented a new product which will revolutionise the tyres industry.

And the CamberTire, which includes a trapezoid profile and asymmetical sidewalls into the design of conventional tyres, is getting ready to hit the roads.

Inventor John Robins Scott said: “This advancement will revolutionise the tyre industry and we are ready to bring it to market.

“The benefits this design offers are significant to a traditionally slow changing industry – we have, literally, reinvented the wheel.”

His US based company Optima Sports LLC has just released the patented CamberTire and he believes the benefit it delivers include better handling and braking performance, safety and fuel efficiency.

Camber designs can reportedly be utilised on virtually every tyre category currently available on the market, and a switch over to the production of tyres incorporating CamberTire developments is said to be achievable just by altering the tyre moulds and making adjustments to alignment settings.

Optima Sports claims that: “Introducing camber into a tyre, and eliminating the need to have toe-in alignment settings, brings significant benefits including improved fuel efficiency, enhanced handling and performance and improved safety with decreased incidence of rollovers.

“Environmental benefits are significant as well, with improved realised mileage due to a reduction in rolling resistance and wind profile, extended tyre life and less material usage allowing narrower tyre profiles to achieve desired handling characteristics with less weight.”

The June 2010 issue of US publication ‘Automobile Magazine’ lists camber tyres as being one of the top ten most significant emerging technologies, and likens the importance of Scott’s invention

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