New Goodyear Vector 4Seasons tyre ‘recommended’ by Auto Express

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Goodyear tyres is delighted that its new Vector 4Seasons Generation 2 tyre has achieved a ‘recommended’ status in the latest eagerly anticipated All Seasons Tyre Test 2015 carried out by Auto Express.

This is a market which is really gaining traction in the UK as more and more motorists opt to fit all-season tyres to cope with the temperate British climate.

The Vector 4Seasons Generation 2 performed significantly well in wet weather tests, achieving first place in the wet braking, wet handling and wet circle tests, despite being pitched again some of the industry’s top players in this market.

Kate Rock, PR Manager for Goodyear tyres, commented: “We are thrilled that our new product has performed so well in this influential tyre test. Goodyear created the 4 season segment over 30 years ago, and we consistently develop and innovate.

“With a long list of successful products, award wins and OE fitments, we are pleased that our new product continues to offer a high level of performance to motorists. The significant achievements in Auto Express’ wet weather tests verses insights into UK rainfall are testament to the importance of this product in our UK portfolio.”

So far this year, January, May, July and August have all seen above average rainfall and this nods to a possible trend since 2014 was officially the fourth wettest year in recorded history.

According to Auto Express: “For many motorists, it (Vector4Seasons Generation 2) may well be the preferred choice thanks to its excellent wet road performance – the most common conditions for UK winters. It won all the shallow water tests, which are the hazards drivers face most during the colder months.

“The grip while turning inspires confidence and allows you to follow the desired line even when accelerating.”

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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