NASCAR Driver Blames Tyres for Losing Race to Teenage Girl

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NASCAR champion Greg Biffle lost a “soap box derby” race to a 15-year-old teenager – and blamed it on his tyres!

Biffle and Tyler Shoff went head-to-head in the quarter-mile derby in identical soap box races.

However, Tyler – dubbed the Derby Diva – was sporting Goodyear’s new Assurance Fuel Max tyres on her nifty little racer.

This is a brilliant bit of marketing by Goodyear, who have combined their involvement with youth soapbox car racing programme which has been running in the US for around 75 years, with a serious message about eco-friendly tyres.

Joey Viselli, Goodyear brand director, said “We’d like to thank Greg Biffle for being such a great sport today, as we did give Tyler an advantage with a set of the next generation Fuel Max tyres, and he got the original Assurance tyres on his car.

“The outcome of today’s race clearly demonstrates that the breakthrough tread compound in the new Fuel Max tyres helps deliver 27 percent less rolling resistance than the original Assurance tyres, which helps generate a 4 percent improvement in highway fuel economy for consumers.”

“As a NASCAR driver, I understand the critical role tyres play in my ability to perform on the racetrack.

“Goodyear really impressed me today because, basically, the only difference between our two cars was the tyres, and Tyler beat me handily in just a quarter mile.”

Tyler led the quarter-mile soap box derby from the moment they went off the starting blocks at the top of the hill and led the 90-second gravity coast to the finish at the famous Derby Downs raceway in Akron, Ohio.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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