Motorists who fitted winter car tyres to stay safe or comply with winter tyre law are still reaping the benefits in Spring!

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Whether you decided to fit winter car tyres to your vehicle in the last six months because you were planning on driving abroad on a skiing trip or because you wanted to stay safe and mobile in the UK, you must be feeling pretty pleased with yourself at the moment.

Despite the fact it is officially spring, snow and ice are still causing havoc on UK roads, while vehicle owners who invested in a set of the best winter tyres they could afford will be having a much easier time.

The fact is there are many reasons why fitting winter car tyres in the UK is gradually becoming more commonplace. Obviously strict winter tyre law which makes winter car tyres compulsory in many EU countries, which are popular destinations for skiers, including Germany and Austria, is one good reason.

Growing awareness that the best winter tyres are not just good for driving on snow and ice, but also perform much better when temperatures drop below 7 degrees celsius is also driving up demand for the winter tyres motorists can afford.

Winter tyre law must be abided by to avoid hefty fines and punishments, but it is also enforced to keep the roads safer.

We have sold a record amount of some of the best winter tyres on the market during the last six months and we anticipate the trend for fitting winter car tyres will pick up again when autumn arrives.

Meanwhile motorists who had the foresight to have the best winter tyres fitted this year will probably be reaping the benefits for some weeks to come.

If you still need winter car tyres to comply with EU winter tyre law, we are continuing to offer a wide range of the best winter tyres on the market at highly competitive prices.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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