Motorists are switching back from winter tyres to their regular car tyres

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Denna Bowman

As milder weather sets in and sends the mercury rising, it is an ideal time for motorists to consider switching from winter tyres back to all-season car tyres.

Winter car tyres are recommended for use when temperatures drop below 7 degrees celsius, but as the UK starts to warm up, motorists are urged to consider reverting back to their regular car tyres for the next six to seven months.

During the last week etyres, a leading online tyre retailer, has experienced a high volume of orders to switch winter tyres for regular car tyres. etyres Newcastle has already booked in 12 switches from winter to regular car tyres in the last few days.

etyres mobile fitting service means customers can have their winter tyres stored in their garage or shed without the hassle of bringing them home from a high street tyre depot.

Making sure summer and winter car tyres are stored correctly can increase their life and performance.

All car tyres should always be stored in a cool, dry and clean environment away from heat, light and chemical sources to help prevent the rubber becoming dry and surface cracks appearing.

Car tyres should be kept off the ground to help protect them from petrol and other substances that can damage the rubber. Before putting car tyres into storage they should be cleaned with water to get rid of any substances that would deteriorate the rubber and make them unsuitable for re-fitting.

If car tyres do not have rims, ideally they should be stored inflated vertically in a row on shelving that is off the ground. If they are fitted with rims ideally they should be hung or stacked on top of each other, with a pallet underneath to keep the bottom tyre off the ground. They should be rotated monthly.

Existing etyres customers can have their set of winter tyres switched back to their regular car tyres at a fixed price of £60 including VAT. For full details about prices for all other customers, the etyres National Sales Team are available to offer advice on 0800 028 9000.

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