Michelin Tyres Win “Tyre Manufacturer of the Year” at The Greenfleet Awards

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Michelin tyres won two awards in the 2006 Greenfleet Awards ceremony. The 7th annual Greenfleet Awards were held in the Emirates stadium, recently home to Arsenal football club, on October 11th. The Greenfleet Awards give recognition to companies and authorities paramount in developing innovations that half reduce the affect of transport on the environment. Tiff Needell, the racing driver and television presenter, presented the 25 awards in various categories.

Michelin, the tyre manufacturer based in Stoke-on-Trent, won the award for Industry Innovation. Greenfleet also recognised Michelin with the prestigious award of Tyre Manufacturer of the Year. Michelin was awarded Tyre Manufacterer of the Year ahead of the runner-up company, Bandvulc Tyres.

The Greenfleet Industry Innovation Prize, was awarded to Michelin for its “green tyre”. Michelin brought the Green Tyre onto the market in 1992 as an innovation due to its silica-based tread compound. The silica-based tread compound improves fuel efficiency and consumption by reducing rolling resistance. Michelin created the Green Tyre to deform to the road; the tyre reduces resistance to the road and increases the surface area of the contact patch.

Improvement has continued to be made since the Michelin Green Tyre was first on the market. The latest product from Michelin is the Primacy HP tyre, which has a higher endurance ability and reduces fuel consumption by 2%. By reducing fuel consumption, the Primacy HP tyre not only saves money for the fleet operator but also helps reduce raw material consumption through fuel efficiency and increased endurance.

Tyre tests conducted in Germany proved that the Primacy HP tyre from Michelin provides up to 54% better mileage and 25% longer tread life. With these statistics in mind, the Michelin advertising campaign boasts that Michelin tyres have the capacity to last “a distance of more than once around the Earth”.

As well as being a winner at the Greenfleet awards, Michelin also sponsered the award for Car Manufacturer of the year. PSA Peugeot Citroen won the award for Car Manufacturer of the year for its dedication to the environmental issue through the use of vegetable oil as biofuel.

[The Independent On Sunday, 15 Oct 2006]

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